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  Walter Kaner Childrens Foundation
50 Daisy Avenue, Floral Park, New York  11001

Walter Kaner (1920-2005)

The Walter Kaner Children's Foundation was created over fifty years ago by Walter Kaner, a noted newspaper journalist and armed service veteran. He felt that disadvantaged children needed the support of people more fortunate. Every year just before Thanksgiving a holiday party is planned for more than one thousand challenged children. They are treated to lunch, entertainment and each child receives a personal holiday gift.

The "foundation" has also over its many years given grants to organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls clubs, Project Outreach, Cerebral Palsy, Queens Museum of Art, and the list goes on.

The Foundation's mission therefore is to enhance the quality of life for economically and physically challenged children throughout the New York Metropolitan area. The Walter Kaner Children's Foundation seeks to raise social awareness of the challenges facing children with special needs.

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